Tattie Hoking

Welcome to the Tattie Hoking blog, 'tattie hoking' is an Irish and Scottish expression used for potato-picking. Mainly used by Irish to describe the seasonal migration to Scotland to harvest the potato crop.

I thought it fitted nicely to what I'm blogging about. Traditional and permacultural ways that I try out where I live. Here with what seems like constant rain hitting an already water logged peat soil, accompanied by very strong ocean winds. Bleak, but also spectacularly beautiful.

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A real nice documentary “Living in the Past” aired by the BBC in 1978. Where volunteers recreated and lived in an Iron Age settlement, where they sustained themselves for a year, equipped only with the tools, crops and livestock that would have been available at that time. Some great looking Celtic roundhouses and wicker fencing.

I love natural wicker fencing, all I need now is Celtic roundhouse and a moat. You go through an awful lot of willow to build this, so I’m looking to get some willow from a disused field near me. My old fence was built from old pallets and fishing nets found around the coast. Which worked fine, but this just looks the business.

First raspberries are out.

I made a new vegetable bed today out of driftwood. It looks much better than the square ones and I don’t think it will have as many slugs hiding in it as the stone beds do. I think as the wood decays it will add nutrients to the soil too.

Pictured are poached egg plants which are great companion plants in the fight against aphids. other plants in the beds pictured are leeks, kale, rocket, wild onion potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb and peas.

A few years ago I put in small willow slips in a circle to make a dome. It’s finally coming together now. But I think the correct way to make a willow dome is to get a willow type that has a long straight type of branch. And put it together from day one rather than them growing into one another. Much better link here