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Welcome to the Tattie Hoking blog, 'tattie hoking' is an Irish and Scottish expression used for potato-picking. Mainly used by Irish to describe the seasonal migration to Scotland to harvest the potato crop.

I thought it fitted nicely to what I'm blogging about. Traditional and permacultural ways that I try out where I live. Here with what seems like constant rain hitting an already water logged peat soil, accompanied by very strong ocean winds. Bleak, but also spectacularly beautiful.

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Reading some great books this last while, in order to get some more information for this small strawbale studio I’m planning to build. The first book was first printed in 1973, it’s called ‘Shelter’ which was done by Lloyd Kahn. It is a fantastic visual book showing how people have built homes throughout the ages with great creativity and inventiveness. From Celtic roundhouses, adobe, cob buildings to hippy buses. To get an idea of the book, Lloyd has a great blog


Next is “Building with Straw Bales: A Practical Guide for the UK the Ireland” by Barbara Jones. This is given to me on loan (thanks Ray), but I just got a secondhand copy for 80 cent online the other day. I’m sure it’ll be in rag order if it ever arrives in the post! But had to get a copy as this seems to be the utimate book in strawbale building.


The last one I haven’t finished yet it is about first the first Earthship homeĀ  to be built in England. Again great original ideas. There is a great documentry about Earthship eco architect Michael Reynolds called “Garbage Warrior” on Youtube, that is well worth taking a look at.


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